[meta-freescale] [ANN] FSL Test Plan Announcement 1.6

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> Subject: [meta-freescale] [ANN] FSL Test Plan Announcement 1.6
> We'd like to invite everyone to help us to test the FSL Community BSP 1.6 -
> Daisy release.

> After the test cycle, we will include the summary of the test result on the
> release notes so we can start to build credibility by showing our test
> results for all the boards, giving to users and partners a central place
> for checking for expected behaviour, and known issues, for a specific
> board.
> Please, find the Test Form for 1.6 - Daisy at
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dl6gLKW-
> X6o3NgEhxKQTS9UJ8cUJr37Tqgm42ge9hTQ/viewform

Due to 3.10.17-1.0.0_GA release and impacting several FSL Community BSP machines I think it makes sense to postpone the test due date to 9th May

It´s an opportunity to have the newest 3.10.17 kernel tested on iMX6, and more time for other machines, as well.

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> Daiane
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