[meta-freescale] meta-qt5 + gstreamer1.x

Ilya Smelykh ilya.smelykh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 10:22:41 PDT 2014

 I'm working on bringing the gst1.x + qt5multimedia to the meta-qt5 for
imx6, this qt branch was reviewed and merged to qt5multimedia dev branch
yesterday , for now I've managed to build the image with qtmultimedia and
 My current problem is the way I'm trying to test the results, I want to
have qtmultimedia-examples related to the video working, but despites of
all building process was done, and from the logs of yocto and qt5 logs I
can see that qt5multimedia was built with gst1.x there is a same problem
which I had using meta-qt5 dora branch, the problem's log is below:

 qrc:///qml/qmlvideofx/ContentVideo.qml:43:1: module "QtMultimedia" is not
 qrc:///qml/qmlvideofx/Content.qml:143: TypeError: Cannot set property
'mediaSource' of null

I've checked several meta-qt5 branches, and found that any branch cause the
same problem regarding to qt5multimedia examples.

Guys, any ideas?

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