[meta-freescale] [dora][regression] mesa failed to build

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Fri Apr 4 21:38:00 PDT 2014


In one of our custom BSPs we saw a build failure in mesa:

| make[1]: Leaving directory
| sed: can't read
No such file or directory
| WARNING: exit code 2 from a shell command.
| ERROR: Function failed: do_install (log file is located at
recipe mesa-2_9.1.6-r0: task do_install: Failed
ERROR: Task 2643
do_install) failed with exit code '1'
recipe gnutls-2.12.23-r8.4: task do_configure: Succeeded

This seems not related to the bbappend we have in meta-fsl-arm[1], in
Dora. I think this came in today's changes in the branch.

1. http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-fsl-arm/tree/recipes-graphics/mesa/mesa_9.1.6.bbappend?h=dora

This builder has PRServer enabled.

As I am going to be traveling so won't have time to debug this bug I
preferred to report it so someone can debug.

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