[meta-freescale] [ANN] FSL Test Plan Announcement 1.6

Daiane.Angolini at freescale.com Daiane.Angolini at freescale.com
Fri Apr 4 10:57:26 PDT 2014

We’d like to invite everyone to help us to test the FSL Community BSP 1.6 - Daisy release.

Please, test your favorite board (or boards), using your favorite image.

We would like to have at least one test for each of 29 maintained boards (supported by both meta-fsl-arm or meta-fsl-arm-extra), all orphan boards can still be tested. The result of the tests will be included in the Release Notes

We’ve made a form which guides you through a small set of steps and help us to track which boards has been tested. Please, make sure you know the packages needed for some tests listed at top of form.

If you have any other question you want to be include in the test form, please, let us know. 

The ‘1.6’ is being developed in the ‘daisy’ branch, so use this branch for the tests (please do not send reports for ‘master’ branch, any error/bug on master should be reported on mailing list).

We’ll be receiving and reviewing the test results until April 31th 2014. However please start the tests as soon as you can, so we can have the most solid release as possible. The release will be done together with the Yocto release (planned for April 26th 2014) and any issues found (if applicable) will need to be fixed for the 1.6 point releases (1.6.1, 1.6.2, …).

The goal test plan for this release is:

* all 29 boards MUST reach the user space prompt
* all i.MX6 boards MUST have running accelerated
    * x11
    * framebuffer
    * wayland
    * directfb
* all i.MX6 boards MUST have GPU and VPU support for both SFP and HFP
* all 29 boards MUST play at least one movie
* all 29 boards MUST encode at least one kind of movie
* all 29 boards MUST have minimal kernel defconfig enabled by default (USB/SDcard/aplay)

We need your help to accomplish our test goals and we don’t have enough manpower resources to do it all by ourselves. We count on the community to help on this.

Please, report any bug/error to mailing list, we will discuss case-by-case and create needed bug report.

After the test cycle, we will include the summary of the test result on the release notes so we can start to build credibility by showing our test results for all the boards, giving to users and partners a central place for checking for expected behaviour, and known issues, for a specific board.

Please, find the Test Form for 1.6 - Daisy at


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