[meta-freescale] Console text mixing with Qt5 app (eglfs)

Malyga alex.malyga at yandex.ru
Thu Apr 3 00:02:10 PDT 2014

> Hi!
> I've built core-image-minimal from yocto master for wandboard-dual and 
then cross compiled Qt5 for wandboard. Everything works almost fine, except 
two things:
> 1. libudev.so.* are missing in the image rootfs - what shoud I add to 
conf/local.conf to make them install?
> 2. When I run Qt Cinematic Experience (I've only test with this so far) I 
can see blinking cursor underneath, as well as console characters blinking 
when typeing on the keyboard. Looks like console and Qt5 application are 
mixing on the framebuffer. How can I solve this?
> Best regards,
> Filip Piechocki
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I Have same problem. Did you solve it?

Filip Piechocki <fpiechocki at ...> writes:

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