[meta-freescale] Sabrelite - kernel with vivante support

Einar Már Björgvinsson Einar.Bjorgvinsson at marel.com
Fri Mar 29 02:52:45 PDT 2013

Hi there

I have been looking around for ways to download a recent kernel source with Vivante support to be compiled for my imx6q (Sabrelite).

I have looked into the stuff Freescale is providing which is apparently based on OE, if I'm correct ?

I basically just need the kernel with Vivante support so I can build it myself because we have our own distro (based on Ubuntu/Debian) where we compile everything ourselves.

I have used the Freescale kernel from their landing team at Linaro which was fine and I have also compiled a mainline kernel that runs on my board, but that one didn't have acceleration (vivante) support.

I'm not sure how to orientate myself in this new Freescale landscape, so I guess I'm asking for some guidance on how to follow my request.

Einar M. Bjorgvinsson
Embedded Software Engineer
Marel ehf

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