[meta-freescale] u-boot USB option for SABRE SD.

Juha Vuorivirta jvp.vuorivirta at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 04:43:33 PST 2013


I have SABRE SD board with iMX6q processor and I'm using Yoctoproject for
compiling images for it. I would like to boot board from USB stick, we have
adapter for connector J505 and I can see stick as /media/sda1 in board. In
future, we are planning to develop custom board with iMX6Q processor with
USB boot and have SABRE board for preliminary tests. I used this guide
https://github.com/Freescale/fsl-community-bsp-platform to get started
and SD card boot goes fine. U-boot version is u-boot-fslc-v2012.10-r4.

I can't see usb when using 'help' in u-boot console because it's not
I tried to add CONFIG_CMD_USB in /include/configs/mx6qsabre_common.h but
u-boot could not compile anymore. Got this error from usb_hub.c:
#error USB LowLevel not defined

usb.h is cause because:

if defined(CONFIG_USB_UHCI) || defined(CONFIG_USB_OHCI) || \
 defined(CONFIG_USB_EHCI) || defined(CONFIG_USB_OHCI_NEW) || \
 defined(CONFIG_USB_SL811HS) || defined(CONFIG_USB_ISP116X_HCD) || \
 defined(CONFIG_USB_R8A66597_HCD) || defined(CONFIG_USB_DAVINCI) || \
 defined(CONFIG_USB_OMAP3) || defined(CONFIG_USB_DA8XX) || \
 defined(CONFIG_USB_BLACKFIN) || defined(CONFIG_USB_AM35X)

one of them should be defined to resolve error? OK but where and which one?
Or should I try something else to enable USB boot? Am i on the right track?
Any suggestions to help me with this problem are appreciated.

Also, in Makefile I can see that CONFIG_CMD_USB has to be defined to
compile usb support.


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