[meta-freescale] Cross-Compiling Qt Application for i.MX6

squirem squirem at fbdfrozen.com
Sun Jun 30 19:32:46 PDT 2013

I've been trying to figure out how to cross-compile a Qt-X11 application for 
a good while now. I've 
able to cross-compile Qt5Base using LTIB, but since switching to Yocto I've 
found that Qt5 support 
quite ready yet.

As for Qt4, I'm not quite sure how to cross-compile an application since Qt4 
itself requires a 
patch to 
add support for the i.MX6.

So far I've been able to build the sato-sdk image which populated the 
sysroot directory with the 
compilers, libraries, and headers. In the /usr/bin directory, there is an 
application called qmake2 
seems to behave like qmake, but it complains about missing QMAKESPEC not 
being specified. I got a 
further by adding the Qt4 mkspecs directory with the i.MX6 qmake.conf file 
posted here: 

>From there I was able to generate a makefile and was able to compile some 
source files not using 
the Qt 
library. However I failed to compile any QObjects, with the following error 
message: impossible 
constraint in 'asm'.

I've found the following post on the yocto mailing where a developer was 
essentially at the same 
as me:

In that thread it was suggested that the OP simply create a recipe for his 
application and have 
build his application for him.

What I'm wondering is how others are generally cross-compiling Qt4/5 
applications. What steps are 
in setting up cross-compilation?

I appreciate any advice or input.

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