[meta-freescale] QT5 Wayland on IMX6

Lukáš Svoboda l.svoboda89 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 00:11:16 PST 2013


I am using QT on IMX6. I have successfully Crosscompiled QT5.0.1,QT5.0.2,
QT5.1.1 and recently QT5.2.0.rc1, but always with EGLFS platform. I have
never managed Wayland to work on my target - I am using rootfs from LTIB
4.0.0, I have build rootfs, installed newer Wayland 1.1 (required by QT5)
and than I have crosscompiled QT5 as usually and separately crosscompiled
QT Wayland plugin (added to the QT lib. folder in rootfs, but QT Wayland
isnt working). Does someone have experience with Wayland or any advice?
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