[meta-freescale] QorIQ SDKV1.3: bitbake chokes on parsing package.bbclass...

Bob Cochran yocto at mindchasers.com
Sun Dec 23 22:19:22 PST 2012


Just started working with yocto sdkv1.3 tonight, which I downloaded from 
FSL web site.  I'm working with p1010rdb, and I tried to bake some 
custom recipes.

parse_python() inside codeparser.py errors (IndentationError: unexpected 
indent) when it tries to parse python function populate_packages inside 

It looks like it is choking on the tabs inside populate_packages().

FYI: package.bbclass was patched on yocto's poky master branch on 7/11 
to convert tabs into 4 spaces (commit: 

Looking at FSL's poky.git on git.freescale.com, it appears that this 
patch wasn't picked up.


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