[meta-freescale] Reg: QorIQ Yocto SDK 1.3.1 Bitbake PHP

Luo Zhenhua-B19537 B19537 at freescale.com
Mon Dec 3 20:15:12 PST 2012

Thanks for reporting this, we will follow up with this.

We can't cover every package in meta-oe layer, currently our build test is conducted for all packages in fsl-image-full.

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Subject: [meta-freescale] Reg: QorIQ Yocto SDK 1.3.1 Bitbake PHP

Hi I was very happy to sew new release of QorIQ SDK, But what's new??? When I found PHP, I was happy. but while bitbake php i get error...

| checking for MySQL support... no
| checking for specified location of the MySQL UNIX socket... no
| checking for MySQLi support... no
| checking whether to enable embedded MySQLi support... no
| checking for Oracle (OCI8) support... no
| checking whether to enable pcntl support... yes
| checking for fork... no
| configure: error: pcntl: fork() not supported by this platform
| ERROR: oe_runconf failed
NOTE: package php-native-5.3.6-r0.0: task do_configure: Failed
ERROR: Task 257 (virtual:native:/media/sdk/3.1/QorIQ-SDK-V1.3-20121114-yocto/meta-oe/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/php/php_5.3.6.bb<http://php_5.3.6.bb>, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'
Waiting for 1 running tasks to finish:
0: mysql5-native-5.1.40-r3 do_compile (pid 10238)
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