[linux-yocto] superflous Arm patch in kernel-cache

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at windriver.com
Fri Jan 18 07:17:47 PST 2019

On 1/17/19 5:52 PM, Richard A Griffiths wrote:
> Building a 'new' qemu machine for use with the Kernel Labs using
> qemuarm (versatile) as the base. A patch from kernel-
> cache  root/arch/arm/v7-A15/ARM-LPAE-Invalidate-the-TLB-for-module-
> addresses-dur.patch won't apply as it already upstream. This is using
> 4.18.14.

I'm not seeing that exact patch in my upstream kernels. That
being said, I could be missing a variant or different implementation
that is doing the same thing.

I just compared the linux-yocto patched function to a 5.0-rc1 tree
and I still don't see the exact change in the do_translation_fault()

What oe/yocto branch were you using ? It more sounds like the lab
is out of date and has triggered a re-patching the tree, and hence
the patch won't apply, since it is already on the branch.


> Manually removing the patch works, but I'm not sure why this patch is
> still in kernel-cache.

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