[linux-yocto] v4.12.x - stable updates comprising v4.12.15

Paul Gortmaker paul.gortmaker at windriver.com
Tue Nov 28 08:30:16 PST 2017

[v4.12.x - stable updates comprising v4.12.15] On 26/11/2017 (Sun 02:49) Paul Gortmaker wrote:

> Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:
> Here is the 1st 4.12.x stable update.  Continuing on top of the final
> Greg KH released v4.12.14 kernel, we now have the appropriate content
> from 4.13.4 --> 4.13.5 (inclusive) applied on top of the GregKH
> baseline. 
> Since the last 4.12 release was done at the same time as 4.13.3, that is
> why auditing of 4.13.4+ content for appropriate 4.12.x commits was
> chosen as a starting point.  These combined 4.13.x releases result in
> just about 185 backported commits to the 4.12.x baseline we wish to
> extend maintenance on.

Since I was in the mindset of auditing and adding appropriate patches, I
continued to work through some more of the 4.13.x content.  So now we
have a 4.12.16, which is based on the appropriate content from the audit
of what was added into 4.13.6 to 4.13.9 inclusive, which also gives us
about 185 more stable commits for our 4.12.x baseline.

Everything below (testing, locations, signed tag) remains true for .16
just as it did for the earlier .15 release.  Feel free to merge both at
once if you have not merged .15 yet.


> As usual, I've put this 4.12.x queue through the various testing that I
> figured made sense, which includes but is not limited to:
> -x86-64 sanity boot test + workloads of defconfig on COTS Core2 box.
> -build MIPS, PPC, ARM, ARM64 with defconfig
> -build x86-64 allmodconfig/allyesconfig
> -build i386 allmodconfig/allyesconfig
> I bumped the 4.12 Makefile and did the signed tag just as per the previously
> released 4.8.x versions for the older release.
> Please find a signed v4.12.15 tag using this key:
> http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=0xEBCE84042C07D1D6
> in the repo in my kernel.org directory here:
>    https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/paulg/linux-4.12.y.git/
>    git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulg/linux-4.12.y.git
> for merge to standard/base in linux-yocto-4.12 and then out from there
> into the other base and BSP branches.
> For those who are interested, the evolution of the commits is here:
>    https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/paulg/longterm-queue-4.12.git/
> This repo isn't needed for anything; it just exists for transparency and
> so people can see how the commits were adjusted to apply to the 4.12.x
> kernel baseline in case people are interested.
> Paul.
> --

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