[linux-yocto] External kernel module - new git commits are not recognized (possible an RTFM problem ???)

Lars Larsen lars at visionweeding.com
Thu Jun 8 05:30:09 PDT 2017


For my image I build several external kernel modules (drivers).

I followed the model in the hello_mod.bb example, except that the 
SRC_URI is a git repository and  SRCREV= "${AUTOREV}

Here is one of the driver recipes called: highspeedrs422.bb

SUMMARY = "High speed Rs422 DRIVER for Robovator"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=12f884d2ae1ff87c09e5b7ccc2c4ca7e"

# hispeedRS422 for Robovator, based on highspeedV10

#branch Pokybuild should always be used here
BRANCH = "Pokybuild"

inherit module

SRC_URI =" git:///${ESERVER}/GIT/hispeedV10/;branch=${BRANCH};"

PV = "1.0.0+gitr${SRCPV}"

S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

# Do not autoload the driver when running "V1.9" mode

(the variable ESERVER is set externally via BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE)

/This is the makefile/
/ifneq ($(KERNELRELEASE),)

obj-m := hispeedRS422.o


     $(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_SRC)  M=$(SRC)

     $(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_SRC)  M=$(SRC) modules_install

     rm -f *.o *~ core .depend .*.cmd *.ko *.mod.c
     rm -f Module.markers Module.symvers modules.order
     rm -rf .tmp_versions Modules.symvers

/In my image recipe I do :

PACKAGE_INSTALL_append() = "kernel-module-highspeedrs422 ......"

If I make changes and push a new revision to the git repo , it is not 
discovered by bitbake, it keeps building the older version it already 
has checked out.
All my application level recipes are similar and they do detect git changes

Adding MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_... to local.conf does not solve it

the only way I can make it build is doing a rm -rf tmp

For the record if it try a : /bitbake -c cleanall -f 
//highspeedrs422//,/ or any other forced command//then on next image 
build I get a trillion errors like:
"/the basehash value changed from fbd0f0b2f1269319d4f84d79e76bef0a to 
a36cd622aeb0840d670f8b01d9ed041d. The metadata is not deterministic and 
this needs to be fixed."

I'm pretty sure it's a RTFM problem but which one ??

B.R Lars


Best Regards
Lars Larsen

F.Poulsen Engineering Aps
Tjørnager 16
4330 Hvalsø
+45 29802784

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