[linux-yocto] x11 and gstreamer compete on same display ?

Ran Shalit ranshalit at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 07:39:09 PST 2017


I use yocto x11 distro, and it works well with various application
including qt5.
On trying to use gstreamer, it seems that it does not function OK, I
first suspected that it only has to do with high resolution, but now
it seems that various distortions happens only in low resolution.

I suspect that x11 output compete with gstreamer output.
I think that maybe most of embedded applications which use gstreamer
probably used fb disro instead of x11 distro, and maybe that can
explain why I did not find any information of this issue in internet.

I also see that when I stop the gstreamer pipeline , then x11 always pop in.
I tried to disable x11 with:
systemctl set-default multi-user.target

It seems to work find, but the xterm terminal show on the hdmi, and
trying to kill it won't help.
So, I guess that I better move to distro fb instead of distro x11.

I would like to ask if my suspicion sound reasonable, and if both x11
and gstreamer compete on the same display ?

I use yocto morti with imx6.

Best Regards.

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