[linux-yocto] v4.12.x - stable updates comprising v4.12.17

Paul Gortmaker paul.gortmaker at windriver.com
Mon Dec 11 17:03:10 PST 2017

Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:

Here is the 3rd 4.12.x stable update "extension" primarily created for
the Yocto project.  Continuing on top of the previous v4.12.16 kernel,
we now have the appropriate content from 4.13.10 --> 4.13.13 (inclusive)
applied on top of where we left off previously.  It amounts to a little
over 160 commits once the stuff that isn't applicable to 4.12 is removed.

There are still 4.3.14 --> 4.3.16 releases to look at in terms of what
makes sense for 4.12.x --- and after that we'll need to look at tracking
other stable streams for suggestions of appropriate content for 4.12.x
since 4.13.16 has also gone EOL by the normal stable kernel team.

I also added a few commits at the end of the queue that were not in the
above 4.13.x range but address some CVE issues that were brought to my

As usual, I've put this 4.12.x queue through the various testing that I
figured made sense, which includes but is not limited to:

-x86-64 sanity boot test + workloads of defconfig on COTS Core2 box.
-build MIPS, PPC, ARM, ARM64 with defconfig
-build x86-64 allmodconfig/allyesconfig
-build i386 allmodconfig/allyesconfig

I bumped the 4.12 Makefile and did the signed tag just as per the previously
released 4.8.x versions for the older release.

Please find a signed v4.12.17 tag using this key:


in the repo in my kernel.org directory here:


for merge to standard/base in linux-yocto-4.12 and then out from there
into the other base and BSP branches.

For those who are interested, the evolution of the commits is here:


This repo isn't needed for anything; it just exists for transparency and
so people can see how the commits were adjusted to apply to the 4.12.x
kernel baseline in case people are interested.


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