[linux-yocto] [PULL REQUEST] Watchdog parenting fix for linux-yocto-4.1

Yong, Jonathan jonathan.yong at intel.com
Mon Jun 13 23:28:12 PDT 2016

On 06/14/2016 09:59, Yong, Jonathan wrote:
> This series of 11 patches from Linus's tree fixes the parenting of
> watchdog devices. To do that, a lot of OMAP watchdog fixes are pulled in
> as dependencies.
> Adds Conexant Digicolor CX9 and STMicroelectronics LPC Watchdog.
> https://github.com/jyong2/yocto-backports.git
> branch: for-linux-yocto-4.1

These 2 branches should also go into linux-yocto-4.1 standard/base:
for-linux-yocto-4.1-core  (driver core backports from Linus's)
for-linux-yocto-4.1-power (CPU idle/powercap backports from Linus's)


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