[linux-yocto] linux-yocto-v3.4 up-revision to v.3.4.74 or beyong

Ong, Boon Leong boon.leong.ong at intel.com
Tue Feb 25 22:46:17 PST 2014

Hi Bruce, 	
	I would like to request that linux-yocto v3.4 standard/base branch be up-rev'ed to v3.4.74 or beyond to include latest patches available in Linux LTS/LTSI. 
	Particularly, I am looking the below patches which are available since v3.4.74: 
	1) LTSI v3.4:
		- patches.misc/
			- i2c-adding-support-for-intel-ismt-smbus-2.0-host-controller.patch
			- i2c-fix-i2c-ismt.c-printk-format-warning.patch
			- i2c-ismt-add-intel-avoton-deviceids.patch
			- i2c-ismt-initialize-dma-buffer.patch

	2) LTS v3.4:
		- 223588e6ef385adc88f9aa5bdfc1908c32f88a8b ahci: Add Device IDs for Intel Lynx Point-LP PCH
		- cc3b20ff635a88c3236d585641f23b7153567f56 ahci: AHCI-mode SATA patch for Intel Avoton DeviceIDs

Thank you
Boon Leong


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