[linux-yocto] [PATCH 00/18] Re-submit upgrades to the lsi 3.10 axxia

Paul, Charlie Charlie.Paul at windriver.com
Mon Feb 24 10:21:55 PST 2014


Ultimately we need to get these patches up to the LTSI.  It would make things easier, right now we are on a strict time schedule and we need to get the standard/axxia/base branch corrected with proper checkpatching  and the latest changes.

We have a few more patches to submit and then we can concentrate on getting in onto LTSI.

Can we just get passed  this push.


On 2/19/14, 14:24, "Paul, Charlie" <Charlie.Paul at windriver.com> wrote:

>> Are these patches backports from mainline?
>[Butler, Paul] no, these are not backports. A backport is when you 
>generate a patch for a fix from a newer kernel (3.11, 3.12, etc) and 
>apply the patch in the older kernel.  For example, if we had found a 
>fix for a bug in kernel.org mainline and wanted to use that fix in our 
>3.10 yocto kernel.

:-) Yes, I'm aware of what a backport is.

>> If so, they are lacking the
>> upstream commit Ids. If not, to which branch did you want these 
>> patches to be applied?
>[Butler, Paul] standard/axxia/base
>The whole branch name should be in the subject line. Just "axxia" is 
>not enough.
>Is there a strategy in place to get these upstream so they do not
>> have to be maintained here?
>[Butler, Paul] not yet, but we should figure out what/how. Bruce has 
>asked the same question before. We need to start looking at that.

It's a great deal more effort to continually forward port this work as the linux-yocto kernel tracks mainline than it is to get it into mainline first and then pull it back once to linux-yocto, and the following versions come for free since you got it upstream. You get the added benefit of higher quality code having gone through the rigorous code review process of getting it into the mainline kernel.

I would suggest you consider LTSI as a backport point if you need a longer term stable point for productization as well as this provide even more eyes on your code, additional validation and QA from other users of LTSI, etc. LTSI gets pulled into linux-yocto as a matter of course.


Darren Hart

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