[linux-yocto] kernel-yocto: validate_branches questions

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Thanks for the fast response.  I only posted the question yesterday.

The "KMETA Check" that I am referring to is:
    ## KMETA branch validation
     meta_head=`git show-ref -s --heads ${KMETA}`
    git show-ref --quiet --verify -- "refs/heads/${KMETA}"
    if [ $? -eq 1 ]; then
        return                            #<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EXITS HERE

Because with KMETA not defined here it exists early.  The problem is that the earlier "SRCREV loop" starts with, "git checkout -q master".  Since KMETA is not defined and we exit early the code that follows the KMETA check to change back to KBRANCH is not executed.

The only workaround I've come up with is very hackish--embarrassing to post;-)
do_validate_branches_prepend() {
do_validate_branches_append() {
[As you can imagine I'd prefer not to use this hack.]

The problem is that if I do not clear KMETA the configme (kgit-meta and friends) call later fails.  The kernel_configme code allows KMETA to be undefined but it is almost like the validate_branches is coded without that same option.  Shouldn't the KMETA "check" code listed above be skipped when KMETA is not defined? I think this change to the validate_branches code would fix this use case.  I don't think it would break other use cases, but I am rather green with Yocto.

Thanks again for the detailed description and help.


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