[linux-yocto] [PATCH 0/9] MinnowBoard BSP meta-data

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at windriver.com
Sat May 18 19:21:54 PDT 2013

On 13-05-18 05:47 PM, Darren Hart wrote:
> The following adds new fragments, cleans up errors in existing fragments (but
> does not change any policy), and create a new minnow BSP. Please apply to the
> 3.8 meta branch.

It all looks fine to me. As you noted in the fragments, some of the items
and fragments require some more factoring  and pushing down into
common locations. We'll take care of that in the upcoming dev cycle
with this BSP as a good reference for the start of that effort.

I'll have this merged shortly.


> Thanks,
> Darren

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