[linux-yocto] v3.8 kernel recipes in meta-intel

Kamble, Nitin A nitin.a.kamble at intel.com
Tue Mar 5 10:20:55 PST 2013

> Not exactly, I must not be understanding what you are describing.
> There's no way for the kern-tools to create a commit ID. They can only work
> with what's present in the tree.
> If you see the SRCREV to "foo", and validate_branches is telling you that
> "foo" isn't present in the tree at all, that's not related to the kern tools at all.
> It's related to the repository that is cloned into the WORKDIR for building.
> If you can make your recipes and updates public, I can try and do a build
> here.

   I think I found the issue. The problem is the SRC_URI in the .bbappend is pointing to the linux-yocto-dev repo.
I guess that explains all the behavior. Thanks for looking into this. Now it does not look like kern tools issue.


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