[linux-yocto] [linux-yocto 3.10] [PATCH 0/1] Yaffs:check oob size before auto selecting Yaffs1

Jiang Lu lu.jiang at windriver.com
Thu Dec 12 19:18:17 PST 2013


This review request is to fix a issue of YAFFS on P2020RDB board.

P2020RDB implements a 32 Mbyte NAND flash with 512 Byte page size.
Mounting Yaffs2 on this device got following error:

yaffs: yaffs: Attempting MTD mount of 31.10,"mtdblock10"
yaffs: auto selecting yaffs1
yaffs: NAND geometry problems: chunk size 512, type is yaffs, inband_tags 1

This is caused by yaffs1 can not work with inband_tags flags.

Yaffs will select Yaffs1 for deives with 512 byte writing size.
Moreover, it will enable inband_tags automatically for devices with
small oob.

However, Yaffs1 can not work with inband_tags. So move the
oob size checking before auto selecting Yaffs1.

Jiang Lu

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