[linux-yocto] [PATCH 0/4] [PATCH v2] valleyisland-io: add baytrail io patches as features under meta branch to support various io controllers

rebecca.swee.fun.chang at intel.com rebecca.swee.fun.chang at intel.com
Sun Dec 8 23:45:15 PST 2013

From: "Chang, Rebecca Swee Fun" <rebecca.swee.fun.chang at intel.com>


This pull request is to add Baytrail supported I/O patches as feature
under meta branch.

The patch files are added as features/valleyisland-io in meta branch.
In this pull request, I have added patches that add sysfs and PCI support.
Besides, there are also patches that enable HDA controller and USB
controllers support on Baytrail.

Please pull into linux-yocto-3.8 meta branch.



The following changes since commit 532161510184faebe9579901c60dec69ff7c7ec7:

  valleyisland-io: remove CONFIG_ACPI dependency from CONFIG_X86_INTEL_LPSS (2013-12-06 00:08:11 -0500)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto-contrib rebeccas/valleyisland-io-5

Chang, Rebecca Swee Fun (4):
  valleyisland-io: enable USB controller support for Baytrail
  valleyisland-io: enable HDA controller support for Baytrail
  valleyisland-io: add patch for baytrail x86/PCI support
  valleyisland-io: add sysfs support for Baytrail

 ...ions-for-adding-removing-symlinks-to-from.patch |  193 ++++++++++++++++++++
 ...0009-x86-PCI-setup-data-may-be-in-highmem.patch |   96 ++++++++++
 ...support-for-Intel-Baytrail-HDA-controller.patch |   26 +++
 ...upport-for-Intel-Baytrail-USB-controllers.patch |   60 ++++++
 4 files changed, 375 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 meta/cfg/kernel-cache/features/valleyisland-io/0008-sysfs-Functions-for-adding-removing-symlinks-to-from.patch
 create mode 100644 meta/cfg/kernel-cache/features/valleyisland-io/0009-x86-PCI-setup-data-may-be-in-highmem.patch
 create mode 100644 meta/cfg/kernel-cache/features/valleyisland-io/0010-hda-add-support-for-Intel-Baytrail-HDA-controller.patch
 create mode 100644 meta/cfg/kernel-cache/features/valleyisland-io/0011-usb-add-support-for-Intel-Baytrail-USB-controllers.patch


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