[linux-yocto] FRI II (FRI2) Giveaway Image Testing

Darren Hart dvhart at linux.intel.com
Thu Oct 25 19:42:41 PDT 2012


I would really appreciate some assistance testing the fri2-giveaway.img at:


Write this image to a MicroSD card (not a USB stick) using ddimage or

This image has the firmware update to the Intel Fastboot firmware
(version 1018) as well as a combined image booting Sato, Realtime, and Tiny.

First, you will need to update to the Fastboot UEFI firmware. If you
have the Kontron BIOS installed, you will need to boot into the BIOS
menu and change the boot order to boot first to the EFI shell. Once in
the shell, enter the following commands:

> fs0:
fs0> cd FASTBOOT
fs0> ami-fb.nsh

Wait for it to complete and reboot. Be sure to connect the HDMI cable to
the bottom-most HDMI port once you have flashed the Fastboot image. Upon
reboot, it will present you with a list of boot options, select the boot
from SD entry. You should be presented with a grub menu that looks like:


Sato: Boots to HDMI or Serial
Realtime: Boots to HDMI (serial appears to have an interrupt handler bug
in preempt-rt)
Tiny: Boots to serial only

For details on the device, serial setup, etc, see the README here:

Darren Hart
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Yocto Project - Technical Lead - Linux Kernel

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