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Sivosuo, Matti-Pekka matti-pekka.sivosuo at intel.com
Tue Feb 21 03:51:25 PST 2017

Hi All,

I wanted to share some words with you about the new "IoT Reference OS Kit for Intel(r) Architecture" project we have recently started to work on. Our goal is to make it easier to create Yocto Project -based IoT distributions by enabling new technologies and integrating new content relevant for IoT domain to work nicely together. We have predefined specific profiles like Computer Vision and Gateway to provide a solid starting point for others to build on. More profiles will likely follow in near future. Like the project name indicates our focus is on making things run nicely on Intel platforms (currently 570x and MinnowBoard Turbot are used by us). Once we have ramped up we plan to release regularly following closely Yocto Project release cadence.

We are pretty excited about what we do and want to hear as much input and feedback as possible also from you! Please take a look at our planned work items in YP Bugzilla (IoT Reference OS Kit component), file bugs/enhancement ideas, tell us what you think on the mailing list and of course try out what we have put together so far: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/intel-iot-refkit.


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