[meta-zephyr][PATCH 2/2][mickledore] CI: Disable testimage on qemu-cortex-a9 By Peter Hoyes ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH 1/2][mickledore] CI: Update to mickledore By Peter Hoyes ·
Yocto Project Status 9 May 2023 (WW19) By Stephen Jolley ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 3/8] ima: Fix the IMA kernel feature By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 2/8] ima: Fix the ima_policy_appraise_all to appraise executables & libraries By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 5/8] ima: Sign all executables and the ima-policy in the root filesystem By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 7/8] linux: overlayfs: Add kernel patch resolving a file change notification issue By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 8/8] ima-evm-utils: Update ima-evm-utils to v1.5 and add a patch By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 4/8] ima: Rename IMA_EVM_POLICY_SYSTEMD to IMA_EVM_POLICY By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 6/8] integrity: Update the README for IMA support By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 0/8] Fix IMA and EVM support By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-security][PATCH v2 1/8] ima: Document and replace keys and adapt scripts for EC keys By Stefan Berger ·
[meta-parsec][master,mickledore][PATCH] meta-parsec/layer.conf: Insert addpylib declaration 4 messages By Peter Hoyes ·
[meta-security][langdale][PATCH] Revert "meta-parsec/layer.conf: Insert addpylib declaration" By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][kirkstone][PATCH v2] tpm2-tss: upgrade to 3.2.2 to fix CVE-2023-22745 4 messages By Peter Marko ·
Enhancements/Bugs closed WW18! By Stephen Jolley ·
Current high bug count owners for Yocto Project 4.3 By Stephen Jolley ·
Yocto Project Newcomer & Unassigned Bugs - Help Needed By Stephen Jolley ·
[meta-mingw][PATCH 1/1] meta-mingw: remove old overrides By Joe Slater ·
[meta-security][PATCH 0/8] Fix IMA and EVM support 5 messages By Stefan Berger ·