Yocto Project Newcomer & Unassigned Bugs - Help Needed By Stephen Jolley ·
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 3.2.4 (gatesgarth-24.0.4) is Released By Vineela ·
Make busybox's syslog.cfg depend on VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils-syslog 2 messages #dunfell By Volker Vogelhuber ·
python3-dlib linking issue #yocto #zeus #python By Bel Hadj Salem Talel ·
meta-selinux issues. Depending on what I put in my local.conf, I get boot loops or can't log in. 6 messages By Brian Hutchinson ·
QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.3.1.rc1) By Pokybuild User ·
Opencv build generates Pseudo Abort 2 messages By Morten Bruun ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 6/6] WIP NanoPi-M4: activate BT support By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 5/6] WIP Import rkwifibt-firmware from vendor's meta-rockchip By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 4/6] NanoPi-M4: activate Wifi support By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 3/6] linux-firmware: import variables file for ap4356s firmware from armbian By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 1/6] linux-yocto: add an initial NanoPi-M4 BSP By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 2/6] linux-yocto: add workaround to disable VOPL usage on HDMI By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-rockchip][PATCH v7 0/6] kmeta BSP for nanopi-m4 By Yann Dirson ·
Understanding kernel patching in linux-yocto 7 messages By Yann Dirson ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH] zephyr-kernel-src: switch from master branch to main By Naveen Saini ·
BitBake recipe cache - tasks remain available after removing inheritance #yocto #bitbake By Jindra Sindelar ·
[meta-security][PATCH 4/4] lkrg-module: update 0.9.1 By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH 3/4] python3-scapy: update to 2.4.5 By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH 2/4] opendnssec: upgrade 2.1.8 -> 2.1.9 By Armin Kuster ·
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