/proc/vmcore not created with CONFIG_PROC_VMCORE=y By Ori Pessach ·
freescale imx-boot, fails to generate is imx-boot container for signed uboot ( wrong u-boot.bin used by imx-boot compile?) By richard allen ·
[meta-zephyr][hardknott][PATCH] zephyr-kernel-src: switch from master branch to main By Naveen Saini ·
Problem with YOCTO Dunfell and host Fedora 33 3 messages By Zoran ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH] qemu-x86: set new -machine value for QEMU By Naveen Saini ·
[meta-security][PATCH] tpm2-tss: fix usrmerge udev install path By Ricardo Salveti ·
Statically linked libraries and license manifest 6 messages By Jasper Orschulko ·
[yocto-autobuilder-helper][dunfell] config.json: Set XZ limits to more reasonable values on autobuilder By Steve Sakoman ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH v2 4/4] acrn.conf: drop acrn machine configuration By Naveen Saini ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH v2 3/4] intel-x86-32.conf: add common MACHINE for x86 (32-bit) BOARDS By Naveen Saini ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH v2 2/4] intel-x86-64.conf: add common MACHINE for x86 (64-bit) BOARDS By Naveen Saini ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH v2 1/4] zephyr-kernel-src: fix efi generation failure for x86 boards By Naveen Saini ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH v2 0/4] Fix efi generation and add x86 MACHINE confs (cover letter) By Naveen Saini ·
hostile freenode takeover 8 messages By Jasper Orschulko ·
[qa-build-notification] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.3.1.rc1) By Sangeeta Jain ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH] use existing qemu conf file 2 messages By Jon Mason ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH 2/2] set default preferred version to 2.6.0-rc1 6 messages By Wojciech Zmuda ·
[meta-security][PATCH 3/3] sssd: update to 2.5.0 By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH 2/3] ossec-hids: musl not compatable By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH 1/3] packagegroup-core-security: exclude ossec-hids from musl By Armin Kuster ·
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