[meta-zephy][PATCH 04/14] zephyr-kernel-src: Restructure recipe By Andrei Gherzan ·
[meta-zephy][PATCH 03/14] Cleanup superflous new lines By Andrei Gherzan ·
[meta-zephy][PATCH 02/14] zephyr-flash-pyocd.bbclass: Add missing do_flash_usb dependency on do_deploy By Andrei Gherzan ·
[meta-zephy][PATCH 01/14] zephyr-flash-dfu.bbclass: Add missing do_flash_usb dependency on do_deploy By Andrei Gherzan ·
[meta-security-compliance][PATCH] scap-security-guide: Fix openembedded platform tests and build 2 messages By Jate Sujjavanich ·
Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for Feb 9 2021 2 messages By Trevor Woerner ·
Integrating Ubuntu 20.04 root file system in yocto for i.MX8M 3 messages #linux #yocto #kernel By Poornesh ·
How to get packages version from an image recipe 2 messages #yocto #linux By zakaria.zidouh@... ·
how to copy NTP parser files verbatim from 4.2.8p10 to 4.2.8p13? By Robert P. J. Day ·
[Meta-Java] Error while installing jamvm #yocto #dunfell By Vijay Rakesh Munganda ·
Building U-Boot 2014.10 in Poky Thud 2.6 do_compile failing tools/mkimage #uboot #yocto By Jeff Schuler ·
#yocto #kernel "yocto-check-layer" 4 messages #yocto #kernel By Monsees, Steven C (US) ·
curl certificate error 3 messages By Mauro Ziliani ·
Duplictae files gets created on opening any file in yocto for rpi cm3 2 messages #cm3 #dunfell By @prashant2314 ·
Port toolchain source 4.9.3 to Rocko yocto 2 messages By amaya jindal ·
Image installation problems after an upgrade to gatesgarth 2 messages By Ori Pessach ·
Yocto Project Status WW06`21 By Stephen Jolley ·
configure: error: gobject-introspection-1.0 is not installed #yocto #rocko By svc985@... ·
Install systemd unit file into image from source? 2 messages By Paul Wicks ·
M+ & H bugs with Milestone Movements WW06 By Stephen Jolley ·
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