M+ & H bugs with Milestone Movements WW13 By Stephen Jolley ·
3Enhancements/Bugs closed WW13! By Stephen Jolley ·
Current high bug count owners for Yocto Project 3.3 By Stephen Jolley ·
Yocto Project Newcomer & Unassigned Bugs - Help Needed By Stephen Jolley ·
[ANNOUNCEMENT]Milestone 3 for Yocto Project 3.3 (yocto-3.3_M3) now available By Vineela ·
Package indexes for package feeds, ipk and rpm 2 messages By keydi ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH 1/1] Support samples from external layers By Andrei Gherzan ·
To burn 'bitbake package-index' into build process 2 messages By Ross Burton ·
[qa-build-notification] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.2.3.rc1) By Sangeeta Jain ·
QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.2.3.rc1) By Pokybuild User ·
[meta-security][V2][PATCH] clamav: upgrade 104.0 By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH] clamav: upgrade 103.0 3 messages By Armin Kuster ·
[meta-security][PATCH] packagegroup-core-security: drop clamav-cvd By Armin Kuster ·
[yocto-autobuilder-helper][dunfell 00/15] Pull request (cover letter only) By Steve Sakoman ·
[meta-openssl102] Updated By Mark Hatle ·
Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for March 23, 2021 2 messages By Trevor Woerner ·
[ptest-runner][PATCH 4/4v2] utils.c: wait_child reimplement timeout using alarm 2 messages By Anibal Limon ·
[error-report-web][PATCH v2 5/5] Import parser from the new python3 location By Michael Halstead ·
[error-report-web][PATCH v2 4/5] Search on contains, enalble admin, and keep more error history. By Michael Halstead ·
[error-report-web][PATCH v2 3/5] Allow alternate settings, avoid out of memory condition By Michael Halstead ·
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