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[meta-zephyr][PATCH] zephyr-kernel/2.7: update to release tag Zephyr v2.7.2 By Naveen Saini ·
[PATCH] make sure that patches/series file exists before quilt pop By Martin Jansa ·
Minutes: Yocto Project Weekly Triage Meeting 5/26/2022 By sakib.sajal@... ·
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[meta-security][PATCH] Parsec-service: Fix arm32 build 2 messages By Anton Antonov ·
[yocto-autobuilder2][PATCH 2/2] fix quotes in workers_prev_releases list By Anuj Mittal ·
[yocto-autobuilder2][PATCH 1/2] define workers for honister By Anuj Mittal ·
SHA384 signature for FIT images By Gangadhar N ·
do_patch failing when executed multiple times in the same S=WORKDIR Was: [yocto] Strange sporadic build issues (incremental builds in docker container) By Martin Jansa ·
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OpenEmbedded Happy Hour May 25 5pm/1700 UTC By Tim Orling ·
[meta-selinux][master][kirkstone][PATCH 2/2] refpolicy: add file context for findfs alternative By Yi Zhao ·
[meta-selinux][master][kirkstone][PATCH 1/2] refpolicy: backport patches to fix policy issues for systemd 250 By Yi Zhao ·
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 4.0.1 is Released 3 messages By Lee Chee Yang ·
Enhancements/Bugs closed WW21 By Stephen Jolley ·
Current high bug count owners for Yocto Project 4.1 By Stephen Jolley ·
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