QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.1.16.rc1) By Pokybuild User ·
[yocto-autobuilder-helper] [PATCH] scripts/run-docs-build: Use to get the latest release branch name By Richard Purdie ·
Common directory creation between recipes #dunfell By taylor.winning@... ·
M+ & H bugs with Milestone Movements WW17 By Stephen Jolley ·
Enhancements/Bugs closed WW17 By Stephen Jolley ·
Current high bug count owners for Yocto Project 4.1 By Stephen Jolley ·
have busybox prompt for password in initramfs boot 3 messages By Embedded 1 ·
Yocto Project Newcomer & Unassigned Bugs - Help Needed By Stephen Jolley ·
[meta-cgl][PATCH] cgl-init-build-env: Use new variable LICENSE_FLAGS_ACCEPTED 2 messages By Yu, Mingli ·
[meta-cgl][PATCH 1/1] LICENSE: update to standard SPDX names 2 messages By Joe Slater ·
[PATCH yocto-autobuilder-helper v8] Add a banner on the old documentation docs. 4 messages By Abongwa Amahnui Bonalais ·
[meta-zephyr][PATCH] zephyr-openthread-rcp: Enable Thread 1.2 capabilities in RCP build By Stefan Schmidt ·
QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.3.6.rc1) 3 messages By Pokybuild User ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 14/14] psplash-drm.c: Implement double buffering By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 09/14] Rework flip as function pointer By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 10/14] Import drm-howto modeset.c as psplash-drm.c By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 03/14] Remove unused save_termios By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 13/14] psplash-drm.c: Allocate resources only for the first connector By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 04/14] Remove 'psplash-fb.h' from 'psplash.h' By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
[psplash][RFC PATCH 08/14] psplash.c: Make psplash_draw_{msg,progress} independent of FB By Vasyl Vavrychuk ·
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