weston systemd and getty@tty1.service


Hi all, I spent the whole day today fixing this strange problem.

I was trying to get weston working with systemd under root (no other user installed).
Corresponding systemd service for weston is already in master, so this part was easy. But after booting the system up, weston desktop appeared and was replaced in a few seconds with the tty1 console. What was even more strange, after a few minutes the desktop reappeared again. 

Later on today I found out that the problem is in getty@..., which hasn't be installed /etc/systemd/system/, it seems to me that this service is not needed at all because systemd will spin up agetty for each chvt anyway.

I was able to track the origin of this file down to the function systemd_preset_all and was able to remove the file using a custom function (simple rm) linked in IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND variable, but would rather do it somewhere else.