USB Installer for initial deployment

Matthias Schoepfer

Hi there,

I am looking for some kind of package or software, that creates an (USB thumb drive) installer for initial installation and deployment of a yocto image. So you can flash the image onto an USB thumb drive and boot from it (arch is x86-64 so this should be easy), and after asking if that is really what you want, will erase the local storage and partition the drive (root A/B, data, swap) and copies over the image from the yocto build. I know that there is some thing into this direction in the meta-intel layer, but that is not quite well documented nor do I think it will suit our needs (regarding partitioning for example).

So, before I write terrible bash scripts into an initramfs init (because this is my best idea so far), if someone could give me a hint were to look would be great.

Thanks and regards,