Upgrading a group of packages


Hello! I'm new to yocto, and working in an inherited system, and a first time poster, so forgive any ignorance.

I'm looking for a way to group packages together, and specify the sub-package versions such that you can upgrade them all together. My approach so far has been to create a group package, let's say in a recipe called  This recipe has PR = "r1" defines RDEPENDS = "package-a (=1.0) package-b (=1.3)" as a way of making sure these are installed with the specified versions. We use opkg as the package manager, so I am expecting `opkg install group-one` to also install/upgrade package-a to 1.0 and package-b to 1.3, but it's not doing that. If package-b is already installed at 1.0, it stays at 1.0.

Is there some built-in approach to this type of organization, or some best-practices around the way to go about it?

Thanks much,
Alex Ensminger