Psplash and transparency in images

Manuel Wagesreither

Hello all,

I need to find something out regarding Psplash. I'm currently unable to try things out so I've got to ask around here.

Does Psplash support any kind of transparency, either alpha channel in the PNG or setting one key color as the transparent one? I couldn't find any info at all regarding the former, and no indication to support the latter. Hence I think transparency is not supported and one needs to match the colors in the psplash-colors.h [1] and the actual image [2][3] for them to have the same background color. It would be cool if anyone could confirm these assumptions.


One more question:
Where does psplash draw the border between `PSPLASH_BACKGROUND_COLOR` [4] and `PSPLASH_BAR_BACKGROUND_COLOR`? [5]


Thanks all,