[oe] BitBake parallel parsing testing

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

Richard, is this the same task you list in 1.0 plan? It looks that we can leverage it. :-)


From: Xu, Dongxiao
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 4:45 PM

FYI, bitbake parallel parsing is enabled, which can greatly reduce the file parsing time.
There are some data test result in OE's following mails.

Bitbake 1.10: 3m2.185s
parallel-parsing (BB_NUM_PARSE_THREADS=num_cpu): 1m48.232s parallel-parsing
(BB_NUM_PARSE_THREADS=2*num_cpu): 1m1.869s


Chris Larson wrote:
Greetings all,
This is a request for further testers for the parallel parsing branch
of bitbake, as well as for review of the code.  I'm fairly certain
that the last real issue with it was resolved yesterday, and I
haven't gotten any reports of problems from those testing it since
last week, so I'm opening it up to more public testing, so we can be
absolutely certain that we can merge it to master in the near future
without risking problems.

For code review:
Either follow the below steps, then git log master..parallel-parsing
or git diff master..parallel-parsing, or use the web interface at

For testing from scratch:

git clone git://github.com/kergoth/bitbake cd bitbake git checkout -b
parallel-parsing origin/parallel-parsing

From an existing bitbake repository:

git remote add kergoth git://github.com/kergoth/bitbake git remote
update git checkout -b parallel-parsing kergoth/parallel-parsing

Thanks for your time, and do let me know what you think, either of
the code, performance in general, or the new progress bar (shows an
ETA), or anything else :)
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