[meta-oracle-java][PATCH 0/6] kirkstone compatibility

Roland Hieber


the meta-oracle-java layer no longer builds with kirkstone due to the
new override syntax. While at it, I've included some general fixes.

I suggest to add a new branch 'honister' on the commit "oracle-jse:
update dependency from gtk+ to gtk+3" in case anyone still wants to
build the layer with older releases, as the next commit "convert to new
override syntax" is the first one that breaks compatibility.


- Roland

Roland Hieber (6):
README: fix mailing list address and other typos
oracle-jse-jre: fix python indentation
oracle-jse: update dependency from gtk+ to gtk+3
convert to new override syntax
bump LAYERSERIES_COMPAT after bitbake syntax change

README | 6 ++--
conf/layer.conf | 2 +-
.../oracle-java/oracle-jse-jdk.inc | 8 +++---
.../oracle-java/oracle-jse-jre_1.8.0.bb | 28 +++++++++----------
recipes-devtools/oracle-java/oracle-jse.inc | 16 +++++------
5 files changed, 30 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)