[linux-yocto] Removing DISTRO_FEATURES from a specific machine type

Jose Quaresma

Hi Pintu,

Pintu Agarwal <pintu.ping@...> escreveu no dia segunda, 14/11/2022 à(s) 16:35:

This question is related to Yocto Dunfell specifically.

I have certain distro features defined (by default) in our distro
include/conf file.
These distro features are required for certain machines and should not
be enabled for only one machine.

For such cases Yocto have the COMBINED_FEATURES that can be more apropriate

But if the future is only used in some machine maybe the MACHINE_FEATURES is more apropriate

In a perfect world the the DISTRO_FEATURES should be independent of the bsp/machine used


For example, we have a distro feature such as "nand-squashfs".
So, in our distro.inc file we are including like this:
DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " nand-squashfs"

Since this distro.inc file is shared across 2-3 machines, this feature
will be available to all.
But we don't want to include it in the "xyz" machine.

So, can I do like this:
DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " nand-squashfs"
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove_xyz = " nand-squashfs"

If there is some other better way please suggest.


Best regards,

José Quaresma