license file path problem

Mei, Lei <lei.mei@...>

Dear All:
When I check the license file MD5sum, I meet some local recipes like "modutils-collateral" and "moduils-initscripts" which didn't have license files under their directory.
I asked those recipes maintainer Kevin, he told me those recipes are poky specific scripts which are under MIT license, and their license file is under meta directory. So we discussed how to specify the path to check the license file.
Now we import a new variable "L" in bitbake.conf to get a copy of the variable "S", and set'L',d,True) in insane.bbclass to specify the path when check license file, then set the L = ${OEROOT}/meta in those recipes' bb file which need to get their license file under meta directory. Through this way, all recipes can check their license file correctly.


Mei, Lei
Email: lei.mei@...