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Go on trying, I just can't send mail to this list for several days...keep testing...

I re-subscribe yet seems I did join before. I can receive all your mails.!


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Hi, Gary

Thanks for the trying. I have seen your screenshot. Just one more
question. You have set up an connection Can you tell us
which connection type you are created? If you're creating TCF
connection(Please fill the properties of your connection, such as
prompt char [$ or # or >, default is #, it depends on the host
environment]), yes, you need to have a agent running on your target.
The details are:
For CDT remote debugger, it depends on shell/terminal services. If no
response back, it will wait for the input ( Current tcf shell/terminal
service is similar as telnet shell/terminal service, so both of them
will not exist but wait for the new input stream of target, that's why
you see the no-response problem.).

One validation style is that you switch your eclipse perspective -> RSE
browser, there, you will see the connection name you
have created. And in that view, you can use RSE browser to view your
target. If RSE viewer works fine, they your debugger connection will
just be fine.

Paste a screenshot of tcf connection property settings in the
attachment. At the same time, an agent will be run in the target.

Command.Prompt: $ (in my target machine ubuntu, for normal user, it is
$. If logged in as root user in target unbuntu, I will change it to #.
If you are using normal user, please run agent as normal user.
Otherwise, please run it as $sudo ./agent -Llog)
Login.Prompt: never change it.
Login.Required: true (in normal case, we need to login)
Password.Prompt: never change it.
Pwd.Required: false If your target permit no password and could be
directly login, leave it as "false"

Hope above information is useful to you:) Any problem, just let us know!

Thanks a lot!

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I have the eclipse plugin working fairly well now - I can build an
application, etc. I tried manually downloading the code to my board
(I have real hardware, not QEMU) and it runs fine.

Next, I wanted to try running/debugging from eclipse. I set up the
run configuration and the code was downloaded to the board. The last
indication said it was starting the debugger.
This window stayed up a long time and then nothing more.

Note: I did figure out that I needed tcf-agent running on my board
(this is not documented). I also have GDB server on the board.

You can see my setup at http://www.mlbassoc.com/poky/eclipse_plugin

Thanks for any ideas/pointers

Gary Thomas | Consulting for the
MLB Associates | Embedded world
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