[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 4.0.8 is Released

Lee Chee Yang


We are pleased to announce the Yocto Project 4.0.8 Release is now available for download.





A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:




Full Test Report:




Thank you for everyone's contributions to this release.


Chee Yang


Yocto Project Build and Release


yocto-4.0.8 Release Notes








Repository Name: poky

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: a361fb3df9c87cf12963a9d785a9f99faa839222

Release Artefact: poky-a361fb3df9c87cf12963a9d785a9f99faa839222

sha: af4e8d64be27d3a408357c49b7952ce04c6d8bb0b9d7b50c48848d9355de7fc2

Download Locations:




Repository Name: openembedded-core

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: b20e2134daec33fbb8ce358d984751d887752bd5

Release Artefact: oecore-b20e2134daec33fbb8ce358d984751d887752bd5

sha: 63cce6f1caf8428eefc1471351ab024affc8a41d8d7777f525e3aa9ea454d2cd

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-mingw

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-mingw

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: a90614a6498c3345704e9611f2842eb933dc51c1

Release Artefact: meta-mingw-a90614a6498c3345704e9611f2842eb933dc51c1

sha: 49f9900bfbbc1c68136f8115b314e95d0b7f6be75edf36a75d9bcd1cca7c6302

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-gplv2

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-gplv2

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: d2f8b5cdb285b72a4ed93450f6703ca27aa42e8a

Release Artefact: meta-gplv2-d2f8b5cdb285b72a4ed93450f6703ca27aa42e8a

sha: c386f59f8a672747dc3d0be1d4234b6039273d0e57933eb87caa20f56b9cca6d

Download Locations:




Repository Name: bitbake

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/bitbake

Branch: 2.0

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: 9bbdedc0ba7ca819b898e2a29a151d6a2014ca11

Release Artefact: bitbake-9bbdedc0ba7ca819b898e2a29a151d6a2014ca11

sha: 8e724411f4df00737e81b33eb568f1f97d2a00d5364342c0a212c46abb7b005b

Download Locations:




Repository Name: yocto-docs

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-docs

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.8

Git Revision: 16ecbe028f2b9cc021267817a5413054e070b563






Alejandro Hernandez Samaniego

Alexander Kanavin

Alexandre Belloni

Armin Kuster

Arnout Vandecappelle

Bruce Ashfield

Changqing Li

Etienne Cordonnier

Harald Seiler

Kai Kang

Khem Raj

Lee Chee Yang

Louis Rannou

Marek Vasut

Marius Kriegerowski

Mark Hatle

Martin Jansa

Mauro Queiros

Michael Opdenacker

Mikko Rapeli

Mingli Yu

Narpat Mali

Niko Mauno

Pawel Zalewski

Peter Kjellerstedt

Richard Purdie

Rodolfo Quesada Zumbado

Ross Burton

Sakib Sajal

Schmidt, Adriaan

Steve Sakoman

Thomas Roos

Ulrich Ölmann

Xiangyu Chen




Known Issues






Security Fixes


apr-util: fix CVE-2022-25147

apr: fix CVE-2022-24963 CVE-2022-28331 CVE-2021-35940

bind: fix CVE-2022-3094 CVE-2022-3736 CVE-2022-3924

git: ignore CVE-2022-41953

git: fix CVE-2022-23521 CVE-2022-41903

ppp: fix CVE-2022-4603

python3-certifi: fix CVE-2022-23491

sudo: fix CVE-2023-2280

tar: CVE-2022-48303






Fix missing leading whitespace with ':append'

apr-util: upgrade to 1.6.3

apr: upgrade to 1.7.2

apt: fix do_package_qa failure

bind: upgrade to 9.18.11

bitbake: bb/utils: include SSL certificate paths in export_proxies

bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Make PEP8 compliant

bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: break on first dependent task difference

bitbake: fetch2/git: Clarify the meaning of namespace

bitbake: fetch2/git: Prevent git fetcher from fetching gitlab repository metadata

bitbake: fetch2/git: show SRCREV and git repo in error message about fixed SRCREV

bitbake: siggen: Fix inefficient string concatenation

bitbake: utils/ply: Update md5 to better report errors with hashlib

bootchart2: Fix usrmerge support

bsp-guide: fix broken git URLs and missing word

build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revision

buildtools-tarball: set pkg-config search path

classes/fs-uuid: Fix command output decoding issue

dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: add link to FOSDEM 2023 video

dev-manual: fix old override syntax

devshell: Do not add scripts/git-intercept to PATH

devtool: fix devtool finish when gitmodules file is empty

diffutils: upgrade to 3.9

gdk-pixbuf: do not use tools from gdk-pixbuf-native when building tests

git: upgrade to 2.35.7

glslang: branch rename master -> main

httpserver: add error handler that write to the logger

image.bbclass: print all QA functions exceptions

kernel/linux-kernel-base: Fix kernel build artefact determinism issues

libc-locale: Fix on target locale generation

libgit2: upgrade to 1.4.5

libjpeg-turbo: upgrade to 2.1.5

libtirpc: Check if file exists before operating on it

libusb1: Link with latomic only if compiler has no atomic builtins

libusb1: Strip trailing whitespaces

linux-firmware: upgrade to 20230117

linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.91

lsof: fix old override syntax

lttng-modules: Fix for 5.10.163 kernel version

lttng-tools: upgrade to 2.13.9

make-mod-scripts: Ensure kernel build output is deterministic

manuals: update patchwork instance URL

meta: remove True option to getVar and getVarFlag calls (again)

migration-guides: add release-notes for 4.0.7

native: Drop special variable handling

numactl: skip test case when target platform doesn't have 2 CPU node

oeqa context.py: fix --target-ip comment to include ssh port number

oeqa dump.py: add error counter and stop after 5 failures

oeqa qemurunner.py: add timeout to QMP calls

oeqa qemurunner.py: try to avoid reading one character at a time

oeqa qemurunner: read more data at a time from serial

oeqa ssh.py: add connection keep alive options to ssh client

oeqa ssh.py: move output prints to new line

oeqa/qemurunner: do not use Popen.poll() when terminating runqemu with a signal

oeqa/selftest/bbtests: Update message lookup for test_git_unpack_nonetwork_fail

oeqa/selftest/locales: Add selftest for locale generation/presence

poky.conf: Update SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS to match autobuilder

poky.conf: bump version for 4.0.8

profile-manual: update WireShark hyperlinks

python3-pytest: depend on python3-tomli instead of python3-toml

qemu: fix compile error

quilt: fix intermittent failure in faildiff.test

quilt: use upstreamed faildiff.test fix

recipe_sanity: fix old override syntax


scons.bbclass: Make MAXLINELENGTH overridable

scons: Pass MAXLINELENGTH to scons invocation

sdkext/cases/devtool: pass a logger to HTTPService

spirv-headers: set correct branch name

sudo: upgrade to 1.9.12p2

system-requirements.rst: add Fedora 36 and AlmaLinux 8.7 to list of supported distros

testimage: Fix error message to reflect new syntax

update-alternatives: fix typos

vulkan-samples: branch rename master -> main