EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz support

Bills, Jason M

Hi Quentin,

Thanks for the reply!  Sorry for my delay back. :)  I haven't been able to fully reproduce this on poky, but I got a little more info.

First, we are still seeing the issue with EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append failing to apply. We are using Langdale and Kirkstone worked fine for us. I think I narrowed it down to this change: https://github.com/yoctoproject/poky/commit/924854accc46f254b6399fc3cf2613a6597410e3.

Using just poky, I add `EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append = "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100%"` to my local.conf and run `bitbake -e core-image-minimal` to check the environment.

At the `kirkstone-4.0.1` tag, I see
# $EXTRA_IMAGECMD [8 operations] # set /home/jmbills/temp/poky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass:224 # "" # override[squashfs-xz]::append /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/conf/local.conf:41 # "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100%"
So, the override is correctly set.

And I see
# $IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz # set /home/jmbills/temp/poky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass:107 # "mksquashfs ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.squashfs-xz ${EXTRA_IMAGECMD} -noappend -comp xz" IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz="mksquashfs /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-minimal-image-complete/core-image-minimal-qemux86-64-20221101211323.rootfs.squashfs-xz -noappend -comp xz"

In this case `
${EXTRA_IMAGECMD}` appears to be empty.

If I then change my local.conf to `EXTRA_IMAGECMD:append = "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100%"`
and run `bitbake -e core-image-minimal`, I see nothing for the override and
# $IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz # set /home/jmbills/temp/poky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass:107 # "mksquashfs ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.squashfs-xz ${EXTRA_IMAGECMD} -noappend -comp xz" IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz="mksquashfs /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-minimal-image-complete/core-image-minimal-qemux86-64-20221101211620.rootfs.squashfs-xz -processors 64 -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100% -noappend -comp xz"

In this case `${EXTRA_IMAGECMD}` contained my parameters.

If I check out `master`, change my local.conf to `EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append = "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100%"` to my local.conf and run `bitbake -e core-image-minimal`, I see the override again
# $EXTRA_IMAGECMD [8 operations] # set /home/jmbills/temp/poky/meta/classes-recipe/image_types.bbclass:245 # "" # override[squashfs-xz]::append /home/jmbills/temp/poky/build/conf/local.conf:41 # "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100%"

And for IMAGE_CMD, I see
# $IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz # set /home/jmbills/temp/poky/meta/classes-recipe/image_types.bbclass:121 # "oe_mksquashfs xz" IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz="oe_mksquashfs xz"

I don't know how to confirm this with poky, but from this it appears that the override for squashfs-xz (which is correct in both versions) gets applied later during bitbake execution. I don't know how that override gets applied, but if it gets appended to IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz, then with Kirkstone, the parameters would be applied to the end of the
mksquashfs command and would work correctly.

But in master, if those parameters get appended, would they be passed to
"oe_mksquashfs"? Or could they be dropped during the override step since they are applied onto "oe_mksquashfs" rather than mksquashfs directly?

Thanks again for your help!

Quentin Schulz

Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay, your mail got lost in my pile of to-answer that never slims down apparently.

On 10/19/22 00:48, Bills, Jason M wrote:
Just checking if EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append failing to apply is expected or if it should be fixed?
I just tested on Kirkstone release, yocto-4.0.4 tag. It works as expected.

Did you end up finding the issue or are you still after it?

Would you be able to give us more info? Which version of Yocto are you using? Can you try to find a small reproducer with ideally only poky (or at the very least public layers)?


Bills, Jason M


Just checking if EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append failing to apply is expected or if it should be fixed?

Thanks again,

Bills, Jason M


I work on OpenBMC and am having an issue with EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz.

There was a recent change pulled into OpenBMC in image_types.bbclass. In the old file, IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz was defined directly:

IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz = "mksquashfs ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.squashfs-xz ${EXTRA_IMAGECMD} -noappend -comp xz"

In the new file, it is defined using a method:

oe_mksquashfs () {
local comp=$1
local suffix=$2

# Use the bitbake reproducible timestamp instead of the hardcoded squashfs one
export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=$(stat -c '%Y' ${IMAGE_ROOTFS})
mksquashfs ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.squashfs${comp:+-}${suffix:-$comp} ${EXTRA_IMAGECMD} -noappend ${comp:+-comp }$comp
IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz = "oe_mksquashfs xz"

In my build we append to EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz to add parameters to the mksquashfs commmand like this:
EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append = "-processors ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS} -b 262144 -Xdict-size 100% -Xbcj arm"

With the old file, the EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz parameters are added to the mksquashfs command. But with the new file, they don't get added anymore. I wonder if the method loses the squashfs-xz context so the empty EXTRA_IMAGECMD is used instead of EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz.

Should my EXTRA_IMAGECMD:squashfs-xz:append still work, or is there a different way to add parameters to the IMAGE_CMD:squashfs-xz command with the new approach?