How can I set configuration options for npm startet by bitbake? #bitbake #hardknott

Holger Bauszus

I'm relatively new to Yocto and have a question related to bitbake and nodejs modules.

I'm working with Yocto Hardknott and would like to integrate a nodejs module into my build.
To do so I'm using devtool:
devtool add "npm://;package=electron;version=latest"

During the do_fetch task I get the following error:
 npm view electron@latest failed with exit code 1, output:
  "error": {
    "summary": "request to failed, reason: unable to get local issuer certificate",
    "detail": ""

This seems to be because our company proxy exchanges the certificates.
The question is where or how can I add configuration options to the npm started during the do_fetch task?

PS: The error is not related to Electron the same happens with other modules.

Thank you and kind regards,