[qa-build-notification] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-4.1_M2.rc1)

Teoh, Jay Shen

Hello everyone,

Intel and WR YP QA is planning for QA execution for YP build yocto-4.1_M2.rc1. We are planning to execute following tests for this cycle:

OEQA-manual tests for following module:
1. OE-Core
2. BSP-hw

Runtime auto test for following platforms:
1. MinnowTurbot 32-bit
2. NUC 7
3. NUC 6
4. Edgerouter
5. Beaglebone

ETA for completion next Monday, July 25.


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A build flagged for QA (yocto-4.1_M2.rc1) was completed on the autobuilder
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Build hash information:

bitbake: b171aa45fb8518dcfbba315b303a4fe9bf2180c6
meta-agl: b5044156fc318a4881e766513871611a560170be
meta-arm: 6481a473d84f84530e0c48d56acdc185919869b6
meta-aws: 2f5075673489ee2d3fc318f6626d45145f65d5ea
meta-gplv2: d2f8b5cdb285b72a4ed93450f6703ca27aa42e8a
meta-intel: de5851890f9a268621515193d2ad84f8359fbe24
meta-mingw: 205e9d942bc8ea1643a8d27b79e773625d173c00
meta-openembedded: 0c2e416567351d55ae45e67513be6f20aa754d4b
meta-virtualization: 7ec4b4746d9d76062a868ea77818a150ddd53c54
oecore: b4f1b78aef77198f26a8ef9e105fa690cc12e836
poky: 899979696f68ff4414cebf7782b37d7bae27144b

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