Yocto Project Status 05 July 2022 (WW27)

Neal Caidin

Current Dev Position: YP 4.1 M2

Next Deadline: 11th July 2022 YP 4.1 M2 Build

Next Team Meetings:

Key Status/Updates:

  • Next week M2 is due to build so if anyone has changes for that milestone, please send ASAP.

  • YP 4.0.2 has been through QA and is likely to be released in the next few days.

  • A reproducibility issue was identified and raised a question on whether we could enable               an old QA check for these kinds of issues (‘buildpaths’ in insane.bbclass). Some bugs were fixed in the test but is has highlighted several reproducibility issues. Some have been fixed but others remain:

    • docs issues in lib32-vala, rpm, lib32-gtk-doc, vala, gtk-doc

    • musl issue in ltp

    • multilib issues in lib32-vala, vala, rpm (may overlap docs)

    • qemuarm64 kernel-devsrc issue (Bruce looking into)

    • meta-virt issues in xen-tools (Christopher looking into)

    • meta-gplv2 issues in mc, tar

    • lttng-modules .debug issue on beaglebone, edgerouter, and qemumips

  • Fixing these will allow us to enable buildpaths by default which should allow more people to spot reproducibility issues.

  • There is a discussion about layer setup tooling in the bitbake-layers discussion on the OE-Core list, input is welcome from those with an interest in this.

  • There is also a RFC series about improving the eSDK tooling workflows from Alex Kanavin which may be of interest.

  • Code to monitor the /proc/pressure interface has been added and there is a patch to optionally allow bitbake to reduce the number of processes running depending on system load, which it is hoped may help some of our autobuilder intermittent issues (thanks Aryaman and Randy).

  • Help is very much welcome in trying to resolve our autobuilder intermittent issues. You can see the list of failures we’re continuing to see by searching for the “AB-INT” tag in bugzilla: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=AB-INT

Ways to contribute:

YP 4.1 Milestone Dates:

  • YP 4.1 M2 build date 2022/07/11

  • YP 4.1 M2 Release date 2022/07/22

  • YP 4.1 M3 build date 2022/08/22

  • YP 4.1 M3 Release date 2022/09/02

  • YP 4.1 M4 build date 2022/10/03

  • YP 4.1 M4 Release date 2022/10/28

Upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 4.0.2 build date 2022/06/27 - pending TSC approval

  • YP 4.0.2 Release date 2022/07/08

  • YP 3.1.18 build date 2022/07/18

  • YP 3.1.18 Release date 2022/07/29

  • YP 4.0.3 build date 2022/08/08

  • YP 4.0.3 Release date 2022/08/19

  • YP 3.1.19 build date 2022/08/29

  • YP 3.1.19 Release date 2022/09/09

  • YP 4.0.4 build date 2022/09/19

  • YP 4.0.4 Release date 2022/09/30

  • YP 3.1.20 build date 2022/10/10

  • YP 3.1.20 Release date 2022/10/21

  • YP 4.0.5 build date 2022/10/31

  • YP 4.0.5 Release date 2022/11/11

Tracking Metrics:

The Yocto Project’s technical governance is through its Technical Steering Committee, more information is available at:


The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Weekly_Status

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