kernel debugging in yocto image #linux #make #yocto #cmake #kernel

Amrun Nisha.R


I have been working on the audio driver. I am trying to access codec driver (TLV320AIC3104) connected to iMX8M over I2C3 and SAI2 lines. While checking for modprobe and modinfo of i2c driver, I'm getting error "
modprobe: can't change directory to '/lib/modules': No such file or directory". Then I checked on the modules.builtin file, the i2cdev and its corresponding .ko files are present in that file. When I checked in the /lib/modules/{user_name}/kernel/drivers, I cant able to get the i2c driver related kernel files. But I can able to view the i2c device in the /sys/bus configuration. Any help or guidance to update the yocto image appropriately to get the i2c working is appreciated.