cross compiling perl modules with c/c++ code

Marco <marco@...>

Hello All,

I'm trying to get a Perl module (specifically
Google-ProtocolBuffers-Dynamic @ cross
compiled for an imx8 target; and having a bit of difficulty doing so.

I was hoping someone could provide some clues/examples/direction on cross
compiling Perl modules under Yocto (specifically those that interface
with underlining c/c++ code like this one).

As a note, I manually futzed around with it and I was able to cross
compile the Perl module manually with things like `perl Build.PL
--config cc=.. --config ld=..` and got a library that I placed on the
target. Attempting to use it though, gives a error of "loadable library
and Perl binaries are mismatched".

Thank you in advance for any help!