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Monsees, Steven C (US)


Ok, so I am trying to understand the impact of the following issue seen under our “zeus” based Intel platform build:




The patch is currently preventing my image from going down the DRM_CLIENT_CAP_ATOMIC path…


I currently have algorithms centered around the GPU dependent on X and this path, and would like to be able to work around this, if possible.


My goal was to get our Yocto based platform in line with the current Yocto release, all our original code was done using the “rocko” release. I have now ported our Intel based build to “zeus” with this being our final issue…




(1) If I wanted to rebuild the “zeus” 3.0.4 kernel to add debug code around this issue how would I go about doing this ?

(2)  Under my downloads directory I see linux-5.2.tar.xz is downloaded, tar ball is without the patch, so I am assuming the patch being applied after, correct ?

(3)  I do not see this built under the build tree after I build my Yocto image, Are some components under the builds tree removed after successfully being built ?, and how might I stop them from being deleted for inspection, etc. ?

(4)  When I perform “bitbake -e linux | grep ^T=” I see the following”

ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'linux'. Close matches:




Was the linux-5.2 package renamed on built or am I looking at the wrong package as my stating point ?

(5)  It appears the patch was added to the kernel (https://github.com/torvalds/linux/tree/master) about a year ago, has the patch been applied to any earlier pre-zeus releases ?

(6)  Will this X11 issue be addressed in future releases, i.e. “gatesgarth”. “hardnott” ?

(7)  It is unclear but would you know about what release they might have broken this path ?